CEC chose RS Consulting for all their website needs. RS Consulting is an IT and Website services company in Tampa, Florida that offers information technology services and website development for small and medium sized businesses.  For any inquiries or further information feel free to reach out to them at [email protected]

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The Clarey School of Economic Philosophy

Making sure your finite, rapidly-dwindling life counts

Life is short and then you die. And “The Clarey School of Economic Philosophy” makes sure you get the most out of it by studying where life-philosophy and economics meet. Be it minimalism, personal finance, your career, love for your fellow man, or lust for your fellow lover, “The Clarey School of Economic Philosophy” cuts through the bullshit and delivers the harsh truth to make your life count. Prices are gouging, but so is squandering your life, so INVEST in a course or two before you expire.

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Use Technology to Eliminate your Debt!

Pay Less Interest | Rapidly build Equity in your Home | Live DEBT FREE. Control your Money & Manage your Cash Flow

Use a proven system that uses your current income and budget to eliminate your debt and save you years of interest payments on Credit Cards, Mortgages, Student Loans, Auto Loans – Business or Personal Debt.

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A New Type of Medical Bracelet

Hey, friends! I wanted to share with you a fantastic company I recently discovered – MyID. They offer a variety of medical ID bracelets that are not only high-quality, but also affordable. I wear mine 24/7.

If you’re looking for products that connect your health profile to an easily accessible QR code in times of need, definitely check them out. Plus, use my promo code 911 for an exclusive discount on your first purchase!

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Credit Education Consultants and MyScoreIQ have partnered together to offer FICO services


Your credit scores can help determine if you qualify for a loan and what interest rates you receive. Actively monitoring your credit allows you to stay on top of changes to your credit report, including possible suspicious activity. Be confident by knowing your FICO® Scores – the scores used by 90% of top lenders.*

Daily Monitoring

Active credit monitoring allows you to stay on top of your FICO® Scores. You also receive monitoring alerts for suspicious activity such as new credit inquiries, new loans and delinquent accounts that are reported in your name.

Identity Theft Protection

Along with credit monitoring, you receive identity theft protection with benefits that include monitoring for use of your Social Security number, dark web monitoring, enhanced change of address notifications and searching national and international criminal record databases for identity thieves committing crimes in your name.