Client Testimonials
Wanted to let you know I closed October 31st. I've been meaning to message you and say thanks again. Your service was worth every penny!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!
-Dr. D.J., Tampa

Hi Laurie!!
Happy Holidays! Just wanted to thank you for your help with my credit! Both the car possessions were taken off my credit report and my score is now 670 (up 35 points).

Have a wonderful weekend!!
-A.M., Tampa

I HIGHLY recommend Laurie Z! Upon requesting my credit report form the 3 bureaus, I discovered a 3rd party was trying to obtain credit under my name. Laurie immediately made herself available and explained all the proper steps I needed to take to get it removed. She is very knowledgeable and prompt to respond to any additional questions and or concerns.

In addition to the credit pulls, I was trying to purchase a business and I had several things from 2011 that were of concern to the landlord, Laurie wrote a letter of explanation and I was able to move forward on the lease assignment.

I learned a lot from the small amount of time that I had the pleasure of working with Laurie. Thank you for all your help!


Thank you for such professional service.

You Rock!!

I cannot THANK Laurie enough, for all of her help and knowledge of the world of "Credit". I came out of a divorce with nothing and my credit score suffered as well. So, me and my children have been renting for about 4/5 years, with a lot drama with renting homes. I made a decision to buy a home for us, had enough of renting, come to find out I was not able to buy a home, because of my credit score. I was referred to Laurie, and I'm so glad and thankful because in about 3 months of learning and putting the work in, I have raised my credit score!! What a great feeling I am able to BUY a home for me and my children.

Thank you so much Laurie again for everything. I have learned so much about credit because of you, if I hear of anyone struggling with there credit scores YOU will be the first person I will refer them, too.

Thank you,

Dear Laurie,
I want to tell you that it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you today. You are personable, extremely professional, informative and straight to the point about what needs to be done. I did not feel belittled about my financial situation and you offered realistic tangible goals and lessons which I feel good about achieving and that are not impossible. Thank you for your guidance and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for your honesty and for not taking advantage of people who are not financially savvy and whose circumstances make them vulnerable to credit counseling sharks.

You WILL be highly recommended to others by me.
Truly grateful for your are an amazingly awesome CREDIT-MAMA!

I will review my credit analysis and let you know if I have any questions/concerns.

Many thanks
-M.W., New Jersey

Hi Laurie!!!
I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you! I'm set to close either 7/26, or 8/5. I also saw that 3 more of my items were taken off last week from my collections. Those were the ones you had me dispute with the letters. So thank you very much on that.

I have a friend at work who will be contacting you to help her with her credit.

Once again, thank you for all of your hard work, and staying on top of it, and helping me get through this stressful process. Almost there!!!

I hope all is well you, and will speak to you soon!! :)
-J.Z., St. Petersburg, Florida

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time and analysis of my situation! I Truly appreciate your help. You are the REAL DEAL!

-P.C., St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you for all the teaching and patience you have had with me.

-G.G., Tampa

It's easy to find someone that claims to be an expert. It's hard to find someone that actually is. It's easy to find someone that claims that they have a great work ethic. It's hard to find someone that does.

Laurie Zoock is that nearly impossible combination that actually is an expert with a great work ethic! You have been an immense help!

-C.M., Palm Harbor, Florida

Hi Laurie,
I think when we started my score was a 500, now my lowest is 710-I thank GOD and you. I recommend you to people and I hope they call you, they were excited after I told them how you had helped me!

-F.G., Tampa

Laurie is an amazing individual which truly has mastered her craft. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the credit industry and is highly recommended to all my clients that require her service

Realtor at Keller Williams Tampa Properties

Hi Laurie,
I just wanted to tell you that I have learned so much! I LOVE doing this. It's kind of fun.

Also, since our last conversation, my husband's scores have gone up again! One of them is almost a 100-point increase since we started and the other one is nearly 80!

-J.R., Tampa

Good Afternoon Laurie,
I wanted to touch base with you and let you know a couple of things that has happened over the last 24 hours.

  1. My husband was able to add me as an authorized user to his 2003 Capitol One card without hitting my credit.
  2. Jefferson Capitol agree to delete the collection off my report (I received an email stating this)
  3. Capio collections LLC also agree to delete the collection off my report (I received a fax stating this)
I wanted to share the good news with you!! I'm super excited! Thank you so much for helping me!!!


Hey Laurie!
Yes we are still working on everything that you have trained us on and making the calls. Just wanted to thank you for getting us this far, and being our council while we were going through this big undertaking! You are greatly appreciated! Will keep you updated as in when we have completed everything and are moving down so we can catch up :) Talk to you soon.


Hi Laurie,
Just wanted to inform you that Arlyne and I bought our neighbors condo. We worked with S. M. to obtain our mortgage. We closed on it yesterday. We have improved our credit scores by using your suggestions. We will continue improving on them. 2 years ago, the mortgage company couldn't help us because of our low scores. We came a long way. I thought you would like to hear that things worked out for us.

Thanks again Laurie.

-J. and A. F.

I must admit your service has been phenomenal, the fact that you are emailing me after hours is very impressive, especially during these stressful times. My wife is happy to know that an individual such as your self is on our side. I also would like you to know that no matter what the results of tomorrow, I will be sending you all of my clients that have issues with their credit. Just on the communication alone you have earned my business.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Laurie as always thanks, you have no clue. What you have done is very motivating and I feel better about the future because of you. Let me know if you need anything.

-J.S., Texas

Hi Laurie:
Just an FYI, to say that the creditor IC Systems did accept my terms to pay and delete the debt in full. Today, my online register revealed that they did cash the $171 check. Hallelujah! Thanks for your help.

Be Blessed,

With what you taught me I hit all collectors with it now LOL...even as recent as yesterday and then they stutter...I love it, thank you, thank you, thank you...would not have made the progress I have without you :-) thanks to you I have learned a lot and at 29 I am thankful as I know I will only have excellent credit moving forward.

-S.J., Largo, Florida

I just wanted to share my token of gratitude towards you. I can't thank you enough for the blessing you have been these past two days to me and my husband. Thank you for your professionalism, prompt answers and most importantly your genuine care on this matter.

God bless you!
All the best,

My financial life continues to become the picture of perfection each passing day. From when we met with my 570-ish score and an identity theft in the way as well as a screwed up second mortgage from a foreclosure we have created what looks more like me, a model citizen. Here is how my life has changed:

1. I got a $7,500 Care Credit medical charge card
2. I no longer live in an 85k dump in Port Richey but now have a 3.5% rate on a $378,000 fancy home in Palm Harbor
3. I got a Visa Platinum from my credit union at 2.99% and a 5k limit
4. I got a $12,000 limit MasterCard from USAA at 4.9% which accumulates rewards
5. I got an Amex gold rewards card which optimizes rewards accumulation
6. I cancelled my garbage $500 limit Capital One "starter" credit card with a final zero balance and no late payments ever
7. I just refinanced my car loan from Ford Credit to my credit union adding only one month to the length of the loan by dropping my interest rate from 11% to 1.99% and saving around $100 a month in just interest and fees.

At this moment I have exactly $4,200 in charges on all credit cards which will be zeroed out before the payments are officially due, keeping me totally flush and nimble.

My life has become almost everything I could dream it would be, short of having a good woman to share it with which has nothing to do with keeping my finances straight. In this year you have helped transform me from a "credit bum" into a successful upwardly-mobile professional who on paper looks like the perfect customer walking in the door of any establishment. The "paper trail" on me matches who I really am and I could never have navigated these waters without you.

Aggression pays off, and I am living proof. A year ago I hit rock bottom trying to figure out how to make things work out right and now everything has become perfect.

I don't take pictures of myself (actually a phobia of mine) so holding keys is not really an option. Still my fiscal savvy has led me to have $70,000 in liquid cash, another $50,000 in easily liquidated assets, and am saving away around $1,000 a month not counting my 401k/IRA. This is after massive indulgences adding luxuries like:

1. A 5-person hot tub
2. A top of the line Brookstone massage chair
3. A 70" LED television for the main room
4. New ceramic tiles for the master bathroom
5. $70/sq. yard Karastan carpet for a gigantic master bedroom which is soft as a baby's bottom
6. Real cherry tiger stripe hardwood flooring for the living room and dining room
7. New furniture for the family room with electric reclining all over
8. New ultra-hip master suite furniture

I assume you can see why I am considering life pretty darned perfect these days, and had I not met you this would not have been possible. You helped me make the credit bureaus tell the real truth about me and thus this life has happened. I didn't imagine the change of my life would be this unbelievably dramatic but I did know it would be significant, thus your fees were quite low. At the time I made it clear that your fees were not at all concerning and I meant it wholeheartedly. Anyone who scoffs has never understood the basic business premise of "it takes money to make money" nor have they ever gone to the track where the saying is "never bet on the horse, bet on the jockey". And yes, you were the jockey who guided the horse (me) around the track and across the finish line.

Even with a zero down VA guaranteed loan I already have $9,000 equity built up in the new house. Obviously having a mortgage now makes my net worth lower than what I peaked at prior to the move but I am rapidly becoming a respected member of my new community. I am a federal employee working for the executive branch of the government who no longer has crackheads, welfare recipients, and monster truck enthusiasts surrounding his home. I have two doctors, a couple of retired professors, a lawyer, and a TV executive with his stay-at-home wife and children ages 3 years and another 5 months. These are people I can relate to since I understand them and they understand me. I won't ever understand crack heads nor do I ever want to.

My most happy moments come on the rare days that I must drive north a little so I drive through the old neighborhood and see how rancid it is before coming back home to my new place a dots little slice of paradise.

Upcoming I still have a small spending spree to go through since I don't have good patio furniture, I need quality office furniture, I am getting mechanical work done on my 66 Mustang, and I have landscapers coming to improve my privacy fence with lush foliage as a "screen" to keep neighbors prying eyes to themselves.

Thank you once again for helping to change my life, or at least change my "packaging" so that lenders would see the real me and not just the bad wrapping paper.


Hey Laurie,
I am not the greatest writer in the world. However, I have wanted to write this testimonial so you can share my opinion about you and your business with other people. I believe your services are extremely helpful. So, here it goes. You are a very nice and personable person to work with. I have always felt very comfortable speaking with you on the phone. Like I was talking to someone I already knew. In my opinion you are very knowledgeable about your business and have a lot of good and humorous in sight to the credit and debt collecting world. Your book was very informative. Your instructions and templates were very easy to follow. I did everything that you instructed me to do and within less than 30 days we began to see results. My fiance's credit score rose about 75 points in 90 days. We were able to take care of all the credit issues we were having. You are thee person I would recommend to anyone that needed help with credit assistance. And the part I appreciate the most is that you were willing to speak with me after our 90 days were up. Due to the fact that on the final day we were to wrap things up, my fiance' ended up in the emergency room/hospital for 25 days.


I want to express my appreciation for the assistance that Laurie Zoock provided over the past year to help me resolve a difficult financial situation when my debt was out of control. I had a foreclosure on my house in 2008 and my credit was in disarray.

Laurie helped me create a plan that would allow me to pay off creditors under terms that were manageable, and this gave me some much needed peace of mind. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of debt management and credit rebuilding. This past month March 2013 I was able to purchase my new dream home. This was all possible with the help of Laurie and her expertise.

She provides a valuable service and I will certainly recommend her to anyone I know who needs financial counseling about debt problems.

Laurie has helped me rebuild my financial situation and more importantly my life!

Thank you Laurie for everything!!


Laurie Zoock is hands down the best move I did for my credit situation. You will walk away feeling confident, directed, and focused, with a real affirmative plan of action. She gives you all of that and more... My credit score is making its way in a short amount of time. Thank you so much Laurie, you are a miracle worker!!


I have been referring clients to Laurie Zoock over the past 2-3 years and she has done an outstanding job assisting my clients with improving their credit scores and removing items off of their credit reports. I have been in the mortgage business for the last 10-11 years now and over the 8 years in the business I have tried referring my buyer clients out to various companies who say they do credit repair, however until I met Laurie I never really had much confidence in any of them. Prior to meeting Laurie I would say I referred 100+ clients to various companies and never received any buyers back after their credit improved enough to where they could buy. Laurie has helped many buyers of mine actually get their credit cleaned up and improved enough and then let me know when they were ready to buy. She communicates more than effectively throughout her time while she works with the clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and look forward to doing more business together in the future.

-S.M. (Mortgage Rep)

To Whom It May Concern:
Reference for Ms. Laurie Zoock

I contracted the services of Laurie Zoock after a year of using one of those "law firm" credit repair services with mediocre results. From our first consultation, Laurie has proven to be informative, reliable, and effective in communicating her strategy and objective in breaking me out what she likes to call "Credit Prison".

Laurie is professional and efficient in her approach to work and very personable when we spoke on the phone. She is well-presented yet it comes out very clear that she has a ferocious spirit in going after creditors who are reporting incorrect information.

My results in credit points gained far surpassed expectation and I believe that Laurie will make a valuable contribution to any credit issue that needs attention.


To whom it may concern,
My office recently experienced a marked financial setback due to the dishonesty of an employee. This employee embezzled funds and tampered with government and other documentation which caused us severe credit damage. Laurie Zoock has helped us and has done a wonderful job of dealing with creditors and helping us to restore our credit score. She has worked tirelessly to repair the damage done to our credit and to help us to deal with creditors in an efficient and ethical manner. I would highly recommend Laurie Zoock and her methods to anyone who is having problems with their credit.

-D.M., Temple Terrace, Florida

Dear Laurie,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for getting my Life Back! That was not a typo! You got my life back. My spouse and are in the process of purchasing a home. Do to my credit, I was not able to be on the loan; which hurt the overall amount we could borrow from the lenders. My ex really did a number on my finances. For years I just kept going back and forth with the Credit Bureaus disputing the items that were listed on my credit report. Only to find out that they never did anything except say that I was responsible for the charges. At this point I was just fed up and my dreams of owning a home were nonexistent. Until you came along...

You helped me so much! With all of your wealth of knowledge not only was I able to remove some of the incorrect items on my credit report but also was able to get my credit score up. I also received some money back from one of my old credit card companies stating that they had over billed me. Can you believe that?! I was shocked and happy and the same time. But that's not all, because of you working with me I was able to get on the home mortgage loan too! We currently put an offer on a home and now just waiting to see if they accept our offer!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! I really feel like I am in control of my life once and for all.

Your #1 Fan!

Laurie Zoock from Credit Education Consultants has effectively assisted me in transitioning my credit score from 520 to 700. As a result, I was able to re-establish my credit worthiness and most importantly get a mortgage at a 3.6% rate.

Laurie is knowledgeable and her experience in dealing with all types of credit issues is priceless. She provided me with realistic solutions and effective results. In addition, Laurie Zoock has an array of professionals in her network that works in collaboration with Credit Education Consultants to assist in handling complicated situations in the event that it is needed.

Thank you Laurie for your professional courtesy and experience in handling the resolution of my credit issues.


Dear Laurie Zoock:
I have recently used your services to clear up some past blemishes in my credit report with favorable results.

Not only did your firm keep their promise in repairing and removing items that were at issue, but the removal of the items improved by credit score by over one hundred points.

Once again, I thank you for the professional way that I was treated and your friendly demeanor.

-K.K., New Jersey

Boom! I tell people it took me 8 years to find you and there is nobody better. You tell them the truth, not what they want to hear...I appreciate that. It makes those not committed to go away and not waste our time.

-B.F. (Mortgage Rep)

Since you and I were last in touch in April, I decided just to give in and pay the $125 and $1590 items that were outstanding on my credit report. Nothing was going to happen otherwise. Lo and behold, after several months, the report was clean and I'm happy to report that I've got a pre-approval letter from my mortgage rep for up to $240K.

Mike and I are looking in earnest now. I wanted you to know and to thank you. Without your help, it wouldn't have been possible.


I'll be better off from now on from all the knowledge that I learned from you. Thank you.

-B.M., Lutz, Florida

We have the letters typed up ready to be mailed out. My wife is going to pick up envelopes as we speak, and she will also double check them one more time to make sure everything on them are correct. We had filled them out together but we just want to make sure. We both have also joined a three credit score reporting agency to monitor the progress.

I have also received confirmation from Equifax that the Remex account has been removed! Also that GM financial has been removed also!

In checking the three credit score reports both of our scores has gone up in the 600's except for my Transunion, which I think should be right behind the others. Your magic is working already! So we do see results and are very motivated to get these letters out to get us even higher!

Thank you so much for your help, I will keep you posted once the letters have gone out, and send you attachments of the Equifax confirmation just so that you can double check its validity.


I can't thank you enough for your help. It is really special, what you do, giving your time to individuals at such a vulnerable time in their life. I doubt you hear from individuals looking to boost their score from 750. But maybe? I know everything happens for a reason and it takes time to make change happen. I am grateful I reached out now since we don't have to move today.

Realistically, we can wait up to two years but I'm in a place to make the lifestyle change now. And so I will. I hope Jess is able to help and advise with my student loan situation. I just reached out.

2014-2015 have been the most difficult years of my life but I am excited to come out on the other side ... Educated and Responsible with a bow to make NO late payments. And that is what I will teach my children. No late payments!


I want to thank you for all you have done for us. Also, as we discussed earlier today I will be using Van Dyke Mortgage. The other mortgage company that I was going to use just sent be a spreadsheet and they have a lot of hidden costs that they did not mention. I checked with my bank and they basically told me do not use them and that Van dyke is the one to go with. I will be on vacation starting this Wednesday and when I return back to town I will notify them to go ahead and recheck my credit scores. I received a notification from that my scores increased again by 12 with Transunion. And 11 each for Experian and Equifax.


Laurie is simply the best at what she does. Do not hesitate to call her!

-R.M., Temple Terrace, Florida

Laurie is the best at what she does, you will find no other individual in the business of restoring credit, who knows more. Laurie has done work for me in the past, and in each case I have been asked where did you find this lady, she is OUTSTANDING!!!

Great Value, Hard Working, and Dedicated.

-G.P., Tampa

Laurie is truly one of the most professional and talented business women that we have experienced in the Tampa Bay Area for many years.

In addition she is all about everyone else and not herself.

-J.C., Keller Williams Realtor

I have known Laurie for several years and find that she is very dedicated to her work. In fact. I would call it compassion. She believes in the services she provides and it shows in her attitude and commitment to helping people understand the issues of credit.

-D.G., Tampa

Laurie Zoock is competent, knowledgeable and very professional. Her depth of understanding regarding credit has impressed and educated me far beyond my ability to imagine. She knows the forces at work against the consumer and is a warrior elite in the battle against the big banks and big corporations and their unscrupulous tactics.

-D.M., Temple Terrace, Florida

Laurie Zoock is exceptional at her craft and in providing effective results. I had the opportunity to get to know Laurie on a personal and professional basis and my opinion of her holds true on both side of the spectrum. Laurie assisted me and many of my colleagues and associates resolve and overcome challenges with their personal finances. I highly recommend Laurie to any individual or business in search of an effective, experienced and trustworthy professional.

-E.N., Tampa

Thanks again for the call earlier today. We got some great information from you and will certainly recommend you to our friends.

Hopefully, my report will look much better by year end when those old debts drop it off. I'll be in touch!

-C.R., Tampa

Hi Laurie,
Hope you are well. I bought a car so i have that going now. My credit score went up like 80 points in the last three months! From like 530 to 605 or something like that.

Thank you!
-L.S., Tampa

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